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The Item Article Layout Guide is the official guide to structuring item articles on the Animal Jam Play Wild Wiki.

Basic Info

Basic info is the first part of the page you will see. It is not under a heading or anything, but it's located just to the left of the Infobox.

It has pretty much all of the basic information like what kind of item it is (Clothing/Den/Head/Neck ect), when and where it's/was originally sold and how much it costed. Sometimes it will list whether it has been re-located and or if the price has changed.

Not to be confused with...

This is sometimes found at the top of the page (Above basic info) when there is another item which is similar to the article. It may be a similar item that was only in the beta testing or just a similar counterpart like pet or animal items.


The infobox is a template that is usually placed on the right of the page. It is usually used to get quick facts from. It usually has an image of the item, the date it was released, whether the item was found in the beta testing, if it is currently available, the Recycling Earning and the cost of the item.


The appearance info is simply just a description of the item and how many color variant the item comes in. Sometimes, it may even have a part saying that it has a similar animation to another item. 

For music articles, the Appearance section is split into two subsections: Cover Art and Sample. The Cover Art section is basically a brief description of what the item looks like in game and the Sample is as the name suggests, an ogg file with a sample of the music. 


The history section is usually made up of tables. Usually written inside the tables would be the date released, the place it was available, the price and the date the item was removed. If the item is yet to be removed please write n/a (n/a, N/a or N/A is fine).

Sometimes, the item will be released in the Beta Testing, as a Rare Item Monday, or in a game. If so, please create a new table and place it under the Sub Heading Beta Testing, Rare Item Monday, Super Sweets or Pack Runs.


Play Wild Beta

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
March 2015 Jam Mart Clothing 2,250 Gems May 2015

Play Wild

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
August 2015 Jam Mart Clothing 2,500 Gems August 2015


The trivia section is one of the non-compulsory sections on an article. It usually states the small unneeded facts that have little importance such as if it was accidentally released, if it has any similar counterparts, if it was recently renamed, given a rare tag etc.

Note: The trivia section is easily missed on a page so it's better to put important info in the basic info section.


The gallery section is a collection of images consisting of the different variants of the item, the Beta Testing design and if the item's design was changed recently, the Original Design of the item.


Categories are usually added to the bottom of the page. Usually the categories are Items, what kind of items (Clothing Items, Den Items, Pet Clothing Items, etc.) what sort of clothing or den item (Head Item, Outdoors, Paws Items, etc.) and if the item was sold on a particular in-game event (Night of the Phantoms, Friendship Festival, Pi Day etc.) and then if the item is currently available (basically that you are currently able to obtain the item in any ways other than trading for it)

Article Stubs

This template is usually used if the page is lacking information. If the page has complete info in the following sections then the Stub template may be deleted. Basic Info, Infobox (with the exception of Recycling Earning) Appearance (Number of variants and description) History, Gallery and Categories.

To add the stub to the page write {{stub}} at the very top of the page.

This is what the stub template looks like:

Screen+Shot+2018-03-25+at+3.47.32+PM.png Our community needs more information on this page! Can you help out? Click here to add more.

Need Image

This template is quite a lot rarer to find than the Article Stub template as it is only found on pages that lack images. 

To add the template to the page write {{needimage}} at the very top of the page.

The template looks like:

Masterpiece+icon.png Our community needs more images on this page! Can you help out? Click here to add more.


If the Item's name has already 'bolded' in the Basic Info Section, please italicize the name.

If an item/currency/store etc. appears more than once please do not add a link to the page if it has already been linked elsewhere on the article.

Article Examples

A few examples of helpful articles.