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Discussion Categories are used to organize posts into categories that make it easier for other users to find your post. All discussions must be placed into the correct category and follow our Policies.



This includes anything Animal Jam or Wiki-related that doesn't belong in the other categories.


This includes any trading-related posts such as trades, offers, trading lists, and asking about the worths of items. Any cross-trading will be removed and the user will be warned.

My Shops

This includes any posts related to my shops such as posting your own My Shops and asking for pricing help.

Giveaways and Events

Giveaways or any events can be posted here. The only exception; out of game commissions for in-game items are not permitted (This includes art contests).

Animal Jam (AJ) Art and Stories

This includes any Masterpiece, MasterBlock, or any other artworks and written work. The only exception; out of game commissions for in-game items are not permitted.

Animal Jam (AJ) Memes and Humor

Any Animal Jam related memes, jokes or funny encounters can be posted here. Any offensive or obscene content will be removed.

Glitches and Bugs

This is where you can share any glitches or bugs you may encounter in the game.

Help and Advice

If you need help within Animal Jam or the Wiki, you can ask here. If you have any account issues related to Animal Jam, we suggest sending a request through their help desk as we are not affiliated with WildWorks.

Wiki Suggestions

If you have any suggestions for the Wiki, you can post them here and our staff team will review the suggestion.

Wiki Announcements

This is a Staff-only posting channel where our team will post any announcements for the Wiki.