Animal Jam Wiki

If you see a problematic user that is violating our policies, this is what you can do. Staff make take time to respond to a situation, our team will do our best to get to your report as soon as we can.

What to do

  • Report the comment/reply by hovering over the three dots and clicking 'Report Post' as per the example below.


  • Report the matter to a staff member directly on their message wall by providing a link to the rule violation.
  • Tag a staff member in the discussion thread or comment. Please do not spam tag staff as this can make it harder to resolve.
  • If it is an urgent matter and no staff are availiable, a report can be made to Fandom.

What not to do

  • Don't reply to them and make the situation worse. This also makes it harder for staff to resolve the issue.
  • Do not mini-mod a situation.
  • Do not abuse or harass the user to get them to stop as it can make the situation worse.