The Arctic Wolf Ice Cave is a secret area that can only be entered by Arctic Wolves in Mt. Shiveer. Jammers can also enter the Arctic Wolf Ice Cave by tapping the Arctic Wolf icon on the Mt. Shiveer map, if they own an Arctic Wolf.
  • Entrance
  • First Floor


The Arctic Wolf Cave is a two floored ice cave with translucent crystals.


Arctic Wolf Cave


  • When an Arctic Wolf performs the Play action, the entire cave will shake and rocks will fall from the ceiling.
  • If at least 3 Arctic Wolves use the Play action, a giant arctic wolf made of smoke will appear in the center of the cave.

 Arctic Wolf Ice Cave Shop


First item sold on December 2015

Item Price
Arctic Wolf Banner 600 Gems
Arctic Wolf Flag 5 Sapphires
Arctic Wolf Statue 500 Gems
Best Dressed Arcade 10 Sapphires
Ice Television 1,500 Gems
Spiked Table 1,350 Gems


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