Astronaut Boots

Astonaut B 11-min.jpg

Not to be confused with the Golden Astronaut Boots.

The Astronaut Boots is a clothing item worn on the feet. It was originally released in the Beta Testing at Jam Mart Clothing for 500 Gems.


The Astronaut Boots are a pair of large boots. The sole of the Astronaut Boots are very thick. There is a blue zipper on the side of the boot and there are also two gray stripes on the Astronaut Boots. This item comes in 6 variants.


Play Wild Beta

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
December 2014 Jam Mart Clothing 500 Gems May 13, 2015

Play Wild

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
March 2016 Sapphire Shop 15 Sapphires N/A


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