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Glitter pink 00 Glitter pink 00 6 days ago

My idea

I have seen that some jammers try to exchange their account for another and I thought it could be done and I give an example: you say that you exchange your account for another and an interested jammer says that if he wants your account and they send trade and he shows you the account and you yours and when they finish your account was removed by another that you already have it to your parents account and that's it and you put the two-step protection and you already have it

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Astynyx Astynyx 11 days ago

Best Guess Questions and Answers

Note: Work in progress
  • A camel hump is made of bone. False
  • A group of bees can be called a colony or swarm. True
  • A group of dingoes is called a pack. True
  • A group of dolphins is called a pack. False
  • A group of squid is called a pack. False
  • A skunk's spray is called musk. True
  • Aardvarks are carnivores. False
  • Aardvarks are herbivores. False
  • Aardvarks do not have claws. False
  • Aardvarks give birth to ten newborns each year. False
  • African grey parrots are quiet birds. False
  • After female green sea turtles lay their eggs, they return to sea. True
  • All bats have tails. False
  • All bees sting. False
  • All butterflies have beautiful colors and patterns. False
  • All frogs have poisonous skin glands. False
  • All jaguars are light colored with spots. False
  • All lemmings are brown…
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Astynyx Astynyx 13 days ago

My Shop Baiters

Disclaimer: Please do not harass any players mentioned below, this post is only for awareness.

The following players have unobtainable My Shop items (found via My Shop Explorer).




  • Spiked Collar (black) for 300 Gems
  • PetSitter Pro for 300 Gems
  • Paintseed Tree for 300 Gems


  • Ancient Dragon Wings for 995 Sapphires


  • Exotic Pet DNA Vial (red) for 15 Sapphires
  • Pet Pekin Rooster for 399 Sapphires
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MileseyMiles MileseyMiles 14 days ago


THEY BROKE THE STREAK OF DOGS AND CATS AND ADDED A WOLVERINE! Bruh it looks good and they finally stopped adding pets

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Astynyx Astynyx 16 days ago

Version 76.0

Note: The Pet Nilgiri Marten and the Hanging Garden are currently not available. - Update: The Pet Nilgiri Marten was released on August 3, 2022.
  • Wolverine
  • Uncanny Wolverine Bundle:
    • Epic Moth Set (exclusive to the bundle!)
    • Epic Butterfly Set
  • Lynx
  • Toadstool Super Box which includes the following:
    • Pet Toadstool Frog
    • Toadstool Wallpaper
    • Toadstool Flooring
    • Toadstool Tree
    • Toadstool Spiked Collar
    • Toadstool Gauntlets
    • Toadstool Wings

The new pet expedition Messoterra Outlands includes a minigame with new prizes (Alpha Items included)

  • Swimming Flippers

  • Mystical Armor (Pet)
  • Mystical Helmet (Pet)

  • Convention Swag Bag
  • Convention Badge
  • Greely Alpha Mask
  • Sir Gilbert Alpha Mask
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Blushingpallette Blushingpallette 27 days ago

this is just for the badge


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Irisimaajpw Irisimaajpw 13 July

Acrobatic Performance

Irisima is hosting a acrobatic performance today and tomorrow at 1 pm est! Come for tons of fun!

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Arkhamcutie Arkhamcutie 11 July

Master Track Comms!

JAG either ihasepicface or anticc for more information! 150-300 saphs depending on complexity! We can make ANY song :)

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Soonaami Soonaami 9 July

Hi! Selling Super Sapphire Potions for 64 saphs each! (Restock Often)

Selling Super Sapphire Potions at my den for 64 saphs each!

AJ User: kikibear21

Also you can msg me on discord for restock status or to lmk my shop is empty! Thx

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ŘąŋgerFɨre ŘąŋgerFɨre 9 July

New MP for sale! - "Blonde Wolf"

new MP for sale at my shop @Tombe!

MP name "Blonde Wolf"

Inspired by a volume of Animal Jam's lore, "One Last Stand". Only being sold for 90 sapphires in the Simple Black and Gold frames!

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ŘąŋgerFɨre ŘąŋgerFɨre 8 July

New MP for sale!

First blog post- Really hope I did this right and didn't accidentally mess something up or break some unspoken rule

Selling a new MP design at my shop @Tombe for 90 Sapphires! It will be sold in the Simple black, Canvas, Wood, Silver, and Gold frames!

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Toxicitypet Toxicitypet 6 July

Just revealing a scammer...

So I was in the fox lair and someone said any one play adopt me? I did so I replied yes I do! And they told me to got to my den so I did. They buddied me on AJ and Roblox. They told me to go on to Robox so I did and so did their Roblox account they said they would give me red rare wind up key and white and black rare furry arm cuffs for all my pet in Adopt Me. they said to do the trade at the same time. I trusted them because they even said things like you can record etc. Of course I couldn't rec because it was my parents computer and they don't let me use up the storage. Even though they said to do both trades at the same item I accepted both trades while they just accepted the Adopt me trade and declined the AJPW trade. They then got ou…

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Mckinlykid2 Mckinlykid2 24 June


here is my offer for a sugar glider:

hello this is my first post

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Irisima Irisima 23 June

Check out my shop!

Tysm if you do! :)

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Purestchild Purestchild 22 June


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Brizohestia Brizohestia 13 June


idk what to say...

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Foxofreality Foxofreality 20 May

What’s happening to champions?

So as you know, Somethings been going on with champions, Yknow, The pack empyrea owns! But now she doesn’t, It’s owned by this ethria person, who is probably empyreas alt. But if it was still going, Then what’s up with the pack being unlocked? It’s pretty odd.

Empyrea joined a pack with twist and theres nothing about this on her yt.

First and shortest blog post I’ve made.

Thanks for reading!

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Floofyfoxpaw Floofyfoxpaw 20 May

are those old official ajpw animations still around? i wanted to watch them but i cant find them

basicly i was looking at trojan horses and it reminded me of that one ajpw animation they did with the pets trying to sneak into club geoz when it was still around,but i cant find any of the animations anywhere and i needed to ask if they're completely gone

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XKingCat XKingCat 3 May

Kingcat6820's Den

The Kingcat6820's Den is a den originally released on May 9th, 2020 at the den of the Jammer Kingcat6820.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Attractions
  • 3 History
  • 4 Trivia

The Kingcat6820's Den changes all the time, meaning we cannot pinpoint a lasting Appearance description.

  • A My Shop, specifically the non-member version as a failsafe for if Kingcat6820 loses his membership.
  • Typically at least one tree.
  • A few Giant Sale Signs and Spinning Dollar Signs around the My Shop.
  • A non-member Animal Model. [typically]

  • This den is constantly changing, since Kingcat6820 is extremely indecisive.
  • This is why this page is missing a Gallery.
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So, this user named ZUZANNADOGGO wanted to offer for my dizzy hearts alpha item (Which is one of the more desired alpha items). They decided to offer a common pet, some fossils and a few seasonal items LOL. I said in a polite way that their offer was under and they begin calling me dumb, impatient, drama queen. They then continued to say that dizzy hearts are dumb and everyone has them and that they had one themself, also that I was unrare and missed such an awesome chance to be rare with her fossils for my alpha dizzy hearts.

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SprigTheEnby SprigTheEnby 19 April

I exist

I promise I do uwu

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Ilikepeanuts12 Ilikepeanuts12 17 April

about alpha chest drop rates

does anyone know the exact drop rate of alpha items/chests? i tried contacting ajhq but all they replied with is this

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Theloverwithmoons Theloverwithmoons 16 April

I’m really lost

I am new but with ajpw im been playing for 2 years been guest for 1 lol

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Bea844904 Bea844904 11 April

I have some shops!

Just restocked this morning go check them out there are 5+! Also everything under 20 other then 2 shops! thanks i'm saving to buy out my friend's shops and restock my art shop :)

I also have portal to some of my other friend's shops you can check out just above mine ;)

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Rocknrollwolf Rocknrollwolf 1 April

Really weird glitch

So I just logged onto aj and went to coral canyons, and my head was MASSIVE and my body was tiny. I saw it happening to a lot of other people to!

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Rocknrollwolf Rocknrollwolf 31 March

Should I buy an Arabian knight mask for 595 saps?

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Purestchild Purestchild 17 March

Looking for Mocha Latte Necklace!

I am offering Rare Friendship socks for the necklace! Or if you are selling it in gems I can buy it. Give You're animal jam username so we can trade or so I can purchase it!

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Looking for Leilani's Rare Phantom Plushie

Thank you for clicking! I am looking for the Leilani's Rare Phantom Plushie. I am trading a bad echidna, but I am expecting small adds. Another option is a few seasonal/in store sapphire pets, in which you don't need to add. Please contact me on my message wall for a better chance of me noticing you.

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Jlaur26 Jlaur26 23 February

just bought nutcracker boots for 390!

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Pimenton191 Pimenton191 21 February

Bug or Feature?

If you keep pressing the randomize button, you eventually get this eye with a tiny iris and white lashes. Leaving the customizing menu turns all of the eye pitch black. I don't think this is a bad thing though.

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Hotflam Hotflam 13 February

Scammer alert!!

Goodmorning/afternoon/night! I wanted to warn people of the scammer " iiiceceiii "

She scammed me of my Red rare lei, red rc, forest, blackout, and alpha dragon [id:760]

It seems as if she switched the stuff to her main account, whatever account that is.

She has a rare yellow airplane, so if you see somebody with that make sure you check to see if there are any similarities between iiiceceiii and the player with the airplane.

My user is hotflam if you would want to help me get rare again ( tysm if you help, it means alot. )

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Whoopsiez Whoopsiez 12 February

POSTMASTER game, no prizes?

So, came back from a hiatus to check the Valentine update and when I played Postmaster, I didn't get any prizes. Is there something wrong with my device or is it with the game.

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Bobalover1 Bobalover1 10 February


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Stormymoon3300 Stormymoon3300 9 February

Stormy Moon Pack

Hi y'all!

I'm creating this post for more info about joining my pack! We are Stormy Moon, a pack running pack, with weekly drops and monthly giveaways! Owner is myself: 46204kol. We have lots of fun, and do group runs often! If you'd like to join, trade a leader, preferably me, and just ask. Make sure you read the rules on my trade ahead of time! Thanks so much, and welcome to the pack!

- 46204kol

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Leutzea Leutzea 5 February

My first scammer

I have daltonism, so trading is a difficult thing to do for me, often someone else is there with me to tell me the actual color. This time it just so happened that I was alone for 2 minutes and saw some rare curly antlers I wanted to offer for. I asked for the color and they said dark grey. Ofc when that somebody came back and saw the trade they told me the color was purple and I checked it online, turns out I was over by A LOT. I traded them again and asked for my items back, they canceled the trade and ran away. I followed them and asked for it back again at which point they went offline. For anyone wondering the user is spiritgem999, they have ice dragon wings equipped, one of the items I traded them.

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Amberbear122 Amberbear122 4 February

My life!!!

Hello, My name is Eve but you can call me mac & cheese or amber, I myself am in the military (On a game called rec room)

I love cats and anime and art, People call me weird and annoying which is ok with me! if you have any questions come tell me!

i play alot of games for record i play star stable animal jam minecraft echo vr beat saber rec room... yeah! alot of games!

Username games:

Star stable: Eva purekeep

Animal jam: evapurekeep

Rec room: Amberbear

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Tizmu Tizmu 2 February

Hey Everyone, How are you doing today?

♥ Heyy everyone, how are you doing today? I hope everyone is doing well during these tough times and if you need to talk to someone to or vent I'm always here to help.

♥ If you wanna talk add me on Discord: ulbo#0922

♥ Or Dm me on Instagram: @soft_ulbo

♥ I'm always here to chat if you need anything and or just wanna talk. :)

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Mossy127 Mossy127 24 January


AWESOME prices at my shop!

User: Mossy127

  • Selling fast
  • Cheap
  • Goods
  • I can lower (just ask me if I am on or comment on my wall)
  • Out of store
  • 1 shop is a member shop
  • 1 shop is a clothing shop
  • 1 shop is a den shop
  • Restocked daily


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KiteryCola KiteryCola 23 January

Sophia's Commisions

(Hey there! I've never posted a blog on a wiki so if this is the wrong place for this sorta stuff just let me know I'll move it)

I've been recently been getting back into AJPW and masterpieces so I'm going to try commissions! I do best with animals in a cartoon-ish style. I can also do humans but I'm really not as used to it as animals. Here are (in my opinion) my best examples:

What I Will Draw:

  • Animals
  • Select Fanart (ask first)
  • Your Play Wild avatar
  • Some humans
  • "About Me" paintings

What I Will Not Draw:

  • Realism
  • Anything against AJ's guidelines

You can either offer an item or name your sapphire price. I won't be picky with items, just make sure they worth the effort put into the masterpiece. If you'd rather purchase something for sapphires I will pl…

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Splatkiki Splatkiki 22 January

Scammer watchlist

The user jennyfurzzzz is a scammer. They claimed they were hosting a giveaway for their outfit. These 1.invite a buddy 2.have fun a item was 1 entry or something like that 4.they will trade the losers their items back and give the winner their fit with the winner trading away their offer for the fit. So basically you trade them ur offer and whoever had the best offer would win. I recall that one person traded their DIZZY STARS and LIGHT UP COLLAR. Luckily my friend did convince them to ask for their dizzy bk and surprisingly they gave them bk (ig so they didn’t seem like a scammer). But after no said that they didn’t want to put in another “entry” that they would announce the winner. Yeah after they left and unbuddied us (they re…

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TheRealFroggi TheRealFroggi 20 January


idk what to do here-

its a test xd

Please don’t comment :C

im never on this wiki-

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Belooga Belooga 20 January

Offer for Outback Scarf ( Please read )

Hello! This is my offer for an Outback Scarf, please comment if it's over, under, or fair. If an item is in bold it depends if I want to trade it or not, please don't get upset if I say that it isn't for trade anymore. Respond as soon as possible, I need this item quick :) Also if any adds are needed, just ask in the comments!

  • Dapper Polar Set
  • Fierce Set
  • Red Ferocious Feline Collar
  • Rustic Curio ( Non rare/ Leilani varient )
  • Pet station
  • Animal Model ( Member version )
  • Lawn Sprinkler
  • Hot tub
  • Topaz shelf x2
  • Red Aura Stone Crown
  • Golden Firefly Necklace
  • Back Mushrooms
  • Snowy Owl Set
  • Goat Horns ( Orange )
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Belooga Belooga 16 January

Offer for ice drag wings

Is this fair for Ice Dragon Wings? ( non rare )

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Slender0Stalker Slender0Stalker 14 January

Black Tip


Looking for black tip raccoon tail, trading the new Golden Reindeer 1/40

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MewIsBored MewIsBored 13 January

W, F, or L?

Uhh so I traded a pirates earring for a lavender spiked collar, is it worth it? I don’t really use the pirates earring much so if it’s L I wouldn’t mind

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ButtercupCat ButtercupCat 12 January

About the Triple Tail...

So the Triple Tail...

I'm a bit-

Confused. Is it a prize, Phlob reward, unreleased item, or a hacked item? Does anyone know what or why-

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XKingCat XKingCat 12 January

Ayo look.


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JellieJam JellieJam 11 January

Jamaaliday Gift Fence

Nevermind, wrong wiki!

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Higuysimhere Higuysimhere 4 January

how to join aj

  1. install the app on google play, app store, or click on this link to download on pc:
  2. after download the app, click start new or if you got an account, click log in.
  3. if you start new, there are 6 options you can choose to start: bunny, monkey, wolf, panda, tiger, and fox.
  4. after you select your favorite option, hit the "next" button and select a name for your animal. if you dont know what name to choose, click random.
  5. next when you finished creating a name, you will meet peck ( the worst alpha ever imo ) and she will teach you how to click on buttons, emotes and change the color of your fur and eyes. you will also get 1.000 gems as a reward.
  6. after that, you will noticed that you are a guest jammer. what to do…
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Frostbite22w123 Frostbite22w123 3 January


ok, I love wings of fire and everything dragon. So in ajpw if you hv anything dragon I will offer

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