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The Bunnies Only Party is a party, which only Bunnies can attend. The first party was introduced in September 2017.

This party is a bunny-themed party which only bunnies are allowed in. It is located in an area which is mainly made of natural material, like rock, wood, and plants.



The shop provides Bunny-themed den items.

In the 'burrow' there are also many trampolines that can be bounced on. There is a large slide in the corner where users can slide down with their avatar which lands on a trampoline.

Bunnies Only Shop

Item Price
Bunny HDTV 1,500 Gems
Briar Patch Fence 750 Gems
Cottontail Couch 1,250 Gems
Floppy Ear Chair 950 Gems
Giant Carrot Cake 1,150 Gems
Lettuce Table 1,100 Gems


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