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Not to be confused with Bunny Burrow (Den).

The Bunny Burrow is a secret area accessible only by bunnies and arctic hares through the Bunny passage located in the west-most portion of the Lost Temple of Zios. Jammers can also enter the Bunny Burrow by tapping the bunny icon on the Temple of Zios map.


The Bunny Burrow is a dimly lit, circular room filled with mostly plants in pots lining the walls.

In the center of the main floor is a wall fountain with running water. The room and loft area seem to be carved out from the earth. The loft area has framed plant paintings on the walls in addition to the various plant pots, as well as a stand holding a catalog that allows jammers to access the Bunnies Only shop.

(Update 2017) If you turn into a wolf and then go to your den and put on the hula set, you can click on the Bunny Burrow icon and you will still be a wolf when you get to Bunny Burrow.


  • BunnyB.gif
    When a bunny performs the play action, ray lights and a tiny sprout appear.
  • If 2 bunnies play, a carrot starts to come out of the ground.
  • If at least 3 bunnies play, the giant carrot lays on the floor.

Bunny Burrow Shop

Item Price
Bunny Banner 600 Gems
Bunny Flag 5 Sapphires
Giant Crystal Carrot 1,250 Gems
Phantom Dodger Arcade 10 Sapphires
Planted Carrots 750 Gems
Stone Bunny Statue 500 Gems