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Not to be confused with the Cami's Phrog.

The Cami's Frog is a den item. The Plushie was originally released in August 2016 at the Wild Explorers Tent. The item could be bought for a very short period of time for 1,000 Gems by tapping on the Cami's Frog plushie on the top of the aquarium.


The Cami's Frog is a mint colored frog plushie with a baby pink stomach and a darker pink plaster. There are a few black stitches that are sewn onto the the stomach. It has two nostril-holes and a large smile on its face.

This item comes in only one variant.


Date Released Place Price Date Removed
August 2016 Wild Explorers Tent 1,000 Gems August 2016


  • This item pays homage to Cami, the young girl in The Wild Explorer Tent's videos who is a Leukemia survivor and the daughter of a worker at WildWorks Inc. (formerly Smart Bomb Interactive)
  • Cami's Frog is based on Froggy, which is Cami's stuffed plush toy.
  • Cami's Frog was the first item with a Rare! tag which was added since the November 2016 update.
  • Cami’s Frog was added by her father when Cami was sick.