Not to be confused with the Cami's Phrog.

The Cami's Frog is a den item. The Plushie was originally released in August 2016 at the Wild Explorers Tent. The item could be bought for a very short period of time for 1,000 Gems by tapping on the Cami's Frog plushie on the top of the aquarium.


The Cami's Frog is a mint colored frog plushie with a baby pink stomach and a darker pink plaster. There are a few black stitches that are sewn onto the the stomach.

This item comes in only one variant.


Date Released Place Price Date Removed
August 2016 Wild Explorers Tent 1,000 Gems August 2016


  • This item pays homage to Cami, the young girl in The Wild Explorer Tent's videos who is a Leukemia survivor and the daughter of a worker at WildWorks Inc. (formerly Smart Bomb Interactive)
  • Cami's Frog is based on Froggy, which is Cami's stuffed plush toy.
  • Cami's Frog was the first item with a Rare! tag which was added since the November 2016 update.
  • Cami’s Frog was added by her father when the young girl was sick.


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