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Chatting is a form of communication in Animal Jam - Play Wild!. There are currently 2 ways to chat.



Bubbles appear when a Jammer says something. Its color is light blue for jammers and green for buddies. Jammers can chose to show either the user's name tag or username on the top of the bubbles by changing the settings. These changes will be set locally for all Jammers.

Conversation Thread

The Conversation Thread lists all posts around the area. Jammers can chose to show Buddy posts by clicking the Buddies Only button. Other Jammer posts are in white, our posts are in blue and buddy posts are in green.

Type of Chat

Bubble Chat

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Bubble Chat is one way to chat. Jammers select pre-approved phrases from a list. Guest Jammers can only chat using Bubble Chat.



Old Versions

Safe Chat

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Jammers can freely type messages to each other with a virtual keyboard. However, they cannot say certain words or numbers. Misuse of this can result in either getting suspended or having the chat temporarily set to Bubble Chat, or you might even get banned. This chat has to be activated in the Parent Dashboard.

Jammers can reply to messages by clicking reply on the chat bubble or typing '@' and the players username to ping them.


Old Versions


Emotes are a type of emoji that allow the player to show their various emotions on Play Wild.


  • In early 2017 there was a feature that allowed Jammers to type in an item and click the blue text to view the item but this feature was later removed that year. This feature has been re-added for items again.
  • By pressing the repeat button, your most recent chat messages appear and you can say the same thing without having to type.
  • Members have an extra row of emotes.
  • You can buy extra emotes in the Phantom Dimension.
  • On September 2, 2021, replying to messages was added.