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The Chinese New Year Party is a seasonal party for all animals to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The first party was introduced in January 2017.


The Chinese New Year Party takes place in an Asian-themed area at sunset. Cherry blossom petals are floating in the wind.

There are two buildings lit by lanterns and surrounded by a low stone wall. The building on the left provides foods on a wooden table. A painting showing a dragon is hung on the wall. The building on the right is a shop.

The land in front of the buildings has a boat parked on the left.

Several wooden bridges behind the buildings lead to two waterfalls on higher grounds.


In the main area, on the left side, there is a shop that provide Chinese-themed den items. Jammers can go down the two waterfalls.

Chinese New Year Party Shop

Every year, at least one of the items is related to the Chinese Zodiac Animal of that year.

Year Zodiac Animal Items
2017 Rooster
2018 Dog
2019 Pig
2020 Rat
2021 Ox


  • In 2019, the party was renamed to Year of the Pig Party instead of Chinese New Year Party.
  • In 2020, the party was still named Year of the Pig Party despite it actually being the year of the rat.
  • In 2021, it was renamed to the Year of the Ox Party.
  • In 2021, despite it being the Year of the Ox, the shop name displayed the Year of the Pig.