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The Dinner Party is a party for all Jammers which was first introduced in November 2016.


The entrance has an outdoor part with a white Koi Pond and an enlighted stoned ground that leads to the restaurant. The indoor part has a shop and its flooring is made of wooden floorboards.

The dining room has two low square tables surrounded by pillows and three burgundy Diner Booth tables. Its flooring has a dark blue heraldic lily pattern.

The kitchen has a large fridge with see-through doors, ovens and a large sink.

The outdoor dining room has four low wooden tables surrounded by pillows.


Dinner Party


The Dinner Shop at the entrance provides food-themed den items. Jammers can click on the tables or the food in the kitchen to make them appear.

Dinner Shop

Item Price
Donut Display 1,250 Gems
Drink Tray 1,400 Gems
Fruit and Cheese Plate 1,000 Gems
Dinner Party Stove 15 Sapphires


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