Epic Wonders

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Epic Wonders is a store located in Coral Canyons that sells various clothing and den items.



From the outside, the entrance of Epic Wonders appears to be made of purple stone directly built into the red rock. A waterfall covers the entrance.


The inside of Epic Wonders is a bluish stone cave. At the entrance, there are two statues of horses which are standing on their hind legs. There are two floors in the store, one floor has a pool of water with a blue orb floating above it. A gray stone pathway leads up to the second floor which has a single window. A green orb floats in the middle of the room. To the right side you can see some water flowing along the side of the blue stone. There is cave and water like music.


Whispering Wonders


On the ground floor, the Blue Orb provides den items. On the first floor, the Green Orb provides clothing items.



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