Escape The Phantoms

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Escape The Phantoms, formerly known as Phantom Runner, is a single-player minigame.

It was released in June 2015 at Jamaa Township, through Escape The Phantoms Arcade and the Games screen.


The objective of this game is to run from a horde of Phantoms for as long as possible. The player does not actually control the animal in the game; instead, they clear the obstacles ahead of the animal. At the start of the game, the player receives three lives, but they will lose a life when running into an obstacle. As the player progresses, they will pass checkpoints, which will cause the level to move faster, giving the player less time to navigate the obstacles. The game ends once the player has run out of lives.


  • Proto-phantoms will hover on the path. The player must swipe these upward to clear the path.
  • Boulders are big rocks in the way of the path. To destroy a boulder, the player must drag a Boomseed (from the nearest Boomseed tree) to the boulder, and it will explode if done correctly.
  • Bridges will suspend over a murky river by spiderweb. To avoid the river, the player must swipe to the right and cut the spiderweb, causing the bridge to drop across the river.


  • Phantom bats can sometimes be seen flying in the background; these can be tapped to gain more gems.
  • Treasure chests will appear along the path; these can be swiped open for bonus points.
  • Occasionally, an extra life encased in phantom webs will appear along the path; these can be tapped repeatedly to gain a bonus life if the player has less than three lives.





As with most mini-games in Animal Jam, the prize is Gems. The Achievement reward for traveling a distance over 10,000 is the Penguin Tail Feathers.


  • When a Boomseed is swiped at a boulder, the player can continue swiping more to destroy additional obstacles down the path
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