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Not to be confused with the Firefly Necklace.

The Firefly Jar is a clothing item worn around the neck. It was originally released in the Beta Testing at Jam Mart Clothing.

The Firefly Jar has not been sold in stores since the Beta Testing.


The Firefly Jar comes in many variants, the jars each being very dark or light colors. The fireflies inside the jar are a lighter color than the jar. The jar has a long neck and a cork, around the neck is a rope which wraps around the animal’s head. The fireflies will visibly move around the inside of the jar, and can be seen moving only when worn by the animal.


Play Wild Beta

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
December 2014 Jam Mart Clothing Unknown March 2015
March 2015 Jam Mart Clothing 2 Sapphires May 2015