The Founders' Collection (Except Founder's Globe) was originally released on August 2015 at Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture.

On February 2016, Founders' Collection (Except Founders' Map) was offered through a Redeem Code to all Beta Players for their contribution to the Beta Testing.


The Founders' Collection includes:

Den Item


Date released Place Item Date Removed
August 2015
  • Jam Mart Clothing
  • Jam Mart Furniture
  • Founders' Helmet
  • Founders' Boots
  • Founders' Trunk
  • Founders' Map
September 2015
February 2016 Redeem Code sent to Beta Players
  • Founders' Helmet
  • Founders' Boots
  • Founders' Trunk
  • Founder's Globe
February 2016


  • The Founder's Globe is the only item in the collection to be spelled Founder's and not Founders'
  • The Founder’s items were given a rare tag on June 3, 2020.


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