The Fox E-book (or the Fox Mini Book) is a den item. It was released in August 2015 through The Clever Fox bundle at Premium Shop for $1.99 (real currency).

The Clever Fox bundle unlocked the E-Book at the Chamber of Knowledge and was never officially released as a den item.

The Fox E-book teaches players about Foxes, and other various activities, including stickers and how to draw a Fox.


The Fox E-book links to all Animals's E-books located at the Chamber of Knowledge


Date Released Place Price Date Removed
August 2015 Premium Shop $1.99 for The Clever Fox bundle March 2016


  • This is the first E-book for any animal on Animal Jam, and first E-book in a bundle 
  • Animal Jam Classic has a Foxes Minibook that shares a similar format.


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