Fox Plushie

P Fox 1-min.jpg

The Fox Plushie is a den item. It was originally released in February 2016. The plushie can be won by random chance in The Claw machine or The Superclaw machine, which costs 5 Gems to play.


This item comes in many color varieties. It appears to be a small stuffed Fox with multiple stitches on its face, ears, arms, and tail. It also has two small round black eyes and a short pointed snout.


Date Released Place Price Date Removed
Unknown The Claw Prize N/a
Febuary 2016 The Superclaw Prize N/a


  • Plushies are the only items where the recycling price is more than the purchase price
  • A rare variant of the plushie with accessories can be won in The Superclaw machine
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