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The Foxes Only Party is a party which is only accessible by the Fox, Arctic Fox, and Fennec Fox. The party was first introduced in February 2016.


The Foxes Only Party takes place in a small shady grove, which a small stream flows through. A large tree with a hole between the roots has a passage to the fox's burrow. Inside the fox's burrow is a lounge full of books, couches, and a large fireplace. Over the fireplace are words in a frame which spells out, "What do we say?" which seems to be a reference to the song What Does the Fox Say? by Ylvis. The Foxes Party Shop is inside the burrow. There is another tunnel on the other end of the path which goes from the stairs back up to the grass.


Fox Trot


The Foxes Party Shop provides fox-themed den items. There is also water to splash in and a portal.

Foxes Party Shop

Item Price
Fox Tail Dresser 900 Gems
Fox Tail Rug 550 Gems
Fox Tail Window 650 Gems


  • The Fox Only Party was renamed “Foxes Only Party” in May 2016.