FoxP 5

The Foxes Only Party is a party which is only accessible by the Fox, Arctic Fox, and Fennec Fox. The party was first introduced in February 2016.


  • Left room that leads to the exit
  • Middle room
  • Entrance to the Right room
The Foxes Only Party takes place in a small shady grove, which a small stream flows through. A large tree with a hole between the roots has a passage to the fox's burrow. Inside the fox's burrow is a studious lounge full of many books, couches, and a large fireplace. Over the fireplace are words in a frame which spells out, "What do we say?" which seems to be a reference to the song What Does the Fox Say? by Ylvis. The Foxes Party Shop is inside the burrow.


Fox Trot

Fox Trot


The Foxes Party Shop provides Fox-themed den items.

Foxes Party Shop

Item Price
Fox Tail Dresser 900 Gems
Fox Tail Rug 550 Gems
Fox Tail Window 650 Gems


  • The Fox Only Party was renamed “Foxes Only Party” in May 2016.


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