Gem Breaker is a single-player Minigame, the objective of the game is to match three Gems of the same color to break them.


  • Level 1 to 32
  • Level 33 to 64
  • Level 45 to 75
This game consists of a tall narrow space with walls on each side and a metal launching device at the bottom; the space is filled with various colors of gems that are connected to one another and hanging from the top. The objective of this game is to break the colored gems above the Phantom gems so that the Phantom gems will fall.


Gem breaker-0


Level Reward
10 Gleaming Pile Of Gems
25 Gem Breaker Statue
50 Gem Breaker Necklace
75 Gem Breaker Trophy
(Temporary) Completion Rewards
My Shop
Pet Station
Paintseed Tree
Phantom Portal
Log Vanity
Log Couch
Log Armchair
Log Lamp
Log Planter
Shrink Potion
Double Payout Potion
Disco Potion
Speed Potion
Become Your Pet Potion
Rainbow Trail Potion
Super Sapphire Potion
Glow Potion
100 Sapphires


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