Not to be confused with the Carnival Mask.

The Golden Carnival Mask is a clothing item worn on the face. It was originally released on June 4, 2018, at the Traveling Salesman for 10 Sapphires.


It is a golden eye mask decorated with small triangular shapes. It has nine feathers around the top edge and the sides, resembling a fan. This item comes in only one variant.


Traveling Salesman

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
June 4, 2018 Traveling Salesman 10 Sapphires June 5, 2018


  • This item shares the same appearance with the Carnival Mask, the only difference being the color.
  • This item is only purchasable by Jammers who are members.
  • The Golden Carnival Mask was never released before being sold by the Traveling Salesman.


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