Graham is the Alpha of the Monkeys. He acts as the inventor of the Alphas and often creates complex machines and mechanisms to achieve certain tasks.


Graham is a blue-gray monkey with paler blue-gray rings around his tail and pale blue-gray flecks on his elbows and knees. His skin is a pinkish tan color that can differ from its pink color to a more tan shade. He has orange-yellow eyes, wild long-thick white hair, and a white beard. A key is on a string wrapped around the tip of his tail as well. He has working goggles, arm goblets, and strap around his chest with a green gem in the middle.


  • The meaning of Graham comes from the American origin meaning 'Grain'.
  • He is named after Alexander Graham Bell, the creator of the telephone and the second president of the National Geographic society.
  • The Graham Alpha Set in Alpha Headquarters is based on him.
  • The Graham’s Pack Hideout was based on him.


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