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Greely is the Alpha of the Wolves. He is a mysterious character and is falsely accused of being an ally of the Phantoms.


Greely is a brooding and mysterious wolf keeps his actions in the shadows and his thoughts to himself. Still, as an alpha he works tirelessly to study Phantoms and the darkness lurking within Jamaa, even if he does so on his terms. Greely is solitary by nature and a master of stealth. Because he spends most of his time alone in the shadows, even those close to him have no idea what he is up to or whether he is telling them the truth. Greely once stopped a volcano eruption from destroying Jamaa!


Greely is a blue-grey wolf, with a light blue underbelly (depends on artwork variants). He has yellow eyes or reddish-brown in adventures; in his beta artwork, he had white eyes and a ruby in his left eye. He has white tufts as eyebrows, and three blue spots under his eyes (thought to be markings). The ruff on the back of his neck/head is very ragged and darker than the rest of his fur. He wears a gold chain (bronze in adventures) around his neck that latches to his cape. His cape/cloak is normally a dark purple color and is worn down with lots of tears in it. He wears four bands on his forepaws, two on each one. He has a leather brace on his tail. All of these descriptions are based on artwork, so it can be different from what is listed here.


Phantom Dimension

On November 4, 2018, a mysterious portal appeared to the Phantom Dimension.

Alphas, In all my years of studying the Phantoms, the Phantom Dimension is one of the most curious things I have ever seen. That being said, the Phantoms are surely irate at the sudden influx of visitors, and I doubt that the portal will be open for much longer. I suggest you take care of all of your Phantom Dimension business while you can.

Night of the Phantoms

On October 9, 2020, Jammers received a suspicious party invitation.

A suspicious PARTY INVITATION has been issued to everyone in Jamaa. This invitation is clearly the work of the Phantoms, and its contents are not to be trusted. Whatever they are planning on OCTOBER 9TH, I am certain it's no mere "celebration". Stay Vigilant.
After the joint efforts of animals throughout Jamaa, the Phantom Rifts have been destroyed. By my calculations, tonight the Phantoms will be defeated and rifts closed-for now.


During July 2021, the Alphas made an appearance in the Jamaa Journal to promote WeForest.

Greetings, Jammers. My duty as the wolf Alpha takes me all over the land of Jamaa, but there are lands and animals beyond our borders that need our protection. Wolves are animals that roam and hunt in family packs, and they rely on their habitats to keep those families safe and fed. Wildlife departments all over the world work to protect wolves from humans who do not understand them.

Alpha Items

Greely's Cloak

Greely, the wolf Alpha, uses his cloak to help him blend into the darkness whenever he needs to observe the dark Phantoms from the shadows.

Greely's Journal

Filled with the mysterious wolf Alpha's findings, observations, and discoveries. Greely's journal is the ultimate source of knowledge of the shadowy Phantoms.


  • Greely is named after Adolphus Washington Greely, who was an American Arctic explorer and a founding member of the National Geographic Society.
  • The meaning of "Greely" comes from the English origin meaning Gray Meadow.
  • According to a National Geographic Kids magazine issue, Greely dislikes comedy, romance, and childish behavior.
  • The Greely Alpha Set in Alpha Headquarters is based on him.
  • The Greely’s Pack Hideout was based on him.


Offical Artwork