The Horse Haven is a secret area accessible only by Horse and Arabian Horse through the Horse Passage located in Canyons Pathway at Coral Canyons. Jammers can also enter the Horse Passage by tapping the Horse icon on the Coral Canyons map.


The land consists of a heavenly connected island of floating grassy rocks and a large spanning rainbow that the jammer can walk across.


Horse Haven


  • The entrance to this Secret Area appears to be a rainbow, but the way out is inside a tree trunk, which is a completely different perspective to the island.

Horse Haven Shop

Item Price
Golden Horseshoe 1,950 Gems
Horse Banner 600 Gems
Horse Flag 5 Sapphires
Horseshoe Planter 550 Gems
Jamaa Derby Arcade 10 Sapphires
Stone Horse Statue 500 Gems


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