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The Hot Cocoa Hut is a room located in Mt. Shiveer.


CocoaH 2

Inside view of Hot Cocoa Hut


The outside of the Hot Cocoa Hut appears to be a patched up tent, with a stone trim around the wooden door, above the entrance there is a picture of hot cocoa.


The inside of the Hot Cocoa Hut has four different pillows in the middle of the floor, there is a fireplace on the wall farthest from the door, beside the fireplace there is a game, the rest of the place has empty mugs, tables, and the stand where clothes are sold.


Hot Cocoa Hut



  • The Shiveer Shoppe was called Hot Cocoa Store in Play Wild Beta
  • The front tables used to display items sold at Shiveer Shoppe! 


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