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Jam Mart Furniture is a room located in Jamaa Township that sells den items for Gems and sometimes Sapphires.



This is a rectangular, wooden shack with wooden support columns and a roof made with wooden shingles. At the front of the store sits two small tables under two windows on either side of the double-door entrance. Displayed above the entrance is a sign that reads "sale" that advertises a wooden chair.


Contrary to the rectangular exterior, the interior of the store is actually circular. The front portion of the shop near the entrance is floored with wooden planks and has several rugs strewn about. There are many furniture items lining the walls throughout the store, and there are three stands that let jammers purchase flooring, wallpaper, and den items. There is also a machine in the bottom-right that lets jammers recycle den items for an amount of gems lower than the purchasing price.



The Jam Mart Furniture shop can be accessed by approaching the bottom table with den items strewn about, and tapping the icon that appears above it. Den Items can be purchased.