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The Jamaaliday Gift Calendar 2016 is a seasonal feature that celebrates the Jamaalidays. It was originally released on December 3rd, 2016.

On January 1st, 2017 the feature was removed.


The Jamaaliday Gift Calendar is an an event Calendar with all sorts of colorful presents of many shapes and sizes. Each gift has a circular white tag with a large number symbolising the day the gift is received.

The days you receive a gift will appear as an item you were given, future gifts appear as unopened gifts with a date on them. Lastly, days you missed will appear as gray gift boxes.

The gifts consist of Den ItemsClothing Items, and Sapphires.


The Jamaaliday Gift Calendar will pop on your screen and will be accessible as soon as you log on, or as a sign next to the billboard in Jamaa.

Every day you log on you will receive one holiday oriented gift, of you don't log on you simply won't receive the gift. This does not affect any other of the gifts you might receive in the future.

List of Gifts 

Day Item
1 -
2 -
3 Jamaaliday Tree Hat
4 Oddly Shaped Gift
5 1 Sapphire
6 Jamaaliday Centerpiece
7 1 Sapphire
8 Jamaaliday Gift Bag
9 Jamaaliday Mailbox
10 Jamaaliday Blanket
11 1 Sapphire
12 Jamaaliday Boots
13 Ornament Light Strand
14 1 Sapphire
15 Jamaaliday Wreath
16 Jamaaliday Hat
17 1 Sapphire
18 Jamaaliday Candy Beard
19 Gingerbread Mask
20 Jamaaliday Gloves
21 1 Sapphire
22 Ushanka Hat
23 Jamaaliday Ribbon Tail
24 Jamaaliday Gift Tie
25 5 Sapphires
26 1 Sapphire
27 Snowflake Rug
28 1 Sapphire
29 Sled
30 Snow Phantom
31 1 Sapphire