The Jamaalidays is a seasonal celebration in Jamaa. It is based on the real-life holiday, Christmas. It occurs from December to January.


During the Jamaalidays, each land is decorated with snow and sweets. The Jamaa Township music changes to a Jamaaliday-themed one.


Top Icons


Jamaaliday Jam

The Jamaaliday Jam is a party that takes place in the Gingerbread House. It has a clothing and a den shop.

Jamaaliday Jam 2

Jamaaliday Jam

Jamaaliday Jam 3

Clothing Shop

Jamaaliday Jam 4

Den Shop

Jamaaliday Gift Calendar

The Jamaaliday Gift Calendar is an Advent Calendar which provides everyday gift until the jolly season ends.

The days you receive a gift will appear as an item you were given, future gifts appear as unopened gifts with a date on them. Lastly, days you missed will appear as gray gift boxes.

The gifts are den items, clothing items, and sapphires.

Calendar 2016 3

Jamaaliday Gift Calendar in Jamaa Township

Calendar 2016

Jamaaliday Gift Calendar

JamaC 16

A gift from Jamaaliday Gift Calendar

Jamaliday Themed Items

During the event, all shops provide Jamaaliday-themed items.

JamSt 1

Sapphire Shop

OrnaE 1

Jam Mart Clothing

JamaIT 1

Jam Mart Furniture


Animal Jam - Play Wild! - Jamaalidays Featurette 2015

Animal Jam - Play Wild! - Jamaalidays Featurette 2015

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