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The Jamaalidays is a seasonal celebration in Jamaa. It is based on the real-life holiday, Christmas. It occurs from December to January.


During the Jamaalidays, each land is decorated with snow and sweets. The Jamaa Township music changes to a Jamaaliday-themed one.

The old Top Icons


Jamaaliday Jam

The Jamaaliday Jam is a party that takes place in the Gingerbread House. It has a clothing and a den shop.

Jamaaliday Jam

Clothing Shop

Den Shop

Jamaaliday Gift Calendar

The Jamaaliday Gift Calendar is an Advent Calendar which provides everyday gift until the jolly season ends.

The days you receive a gift will appear as an item you were given, future gifts appear as unopened gifts with a date on them. Lastly, days you missed will appear as gray gift boxes.

The gifts are den items, clothing items, and sapphires.

Jamaaliday Gift Calendar in Jamaa Township

Jamaaliday Gift Calendar

A gift from Jamaaliday Gift Calendar

Jamaliday Themed Items

During the event, all shops provide Jamaaliday-themed items.

Along with this, it seems that every year since 2019, a Jamaalidays tradition is for a new Epic Jamaalidays Bundle to come to the Sapphire Shop for 1000 sapphires; Epic Jamaalidays Bundle (2019) and Epic Jamaalidays Bundle (2020) prove this.

Sapphire Shop

Jam Mart Clothing

Jam Mart Furniture


  • The Jamaaliday's name comes from a cross between "Jamaa", the land in Animal Jam, and the word "holidays".



Animal Jam - Play Wild! - Jamaalidays Featurette 2015