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A Jammer is the name for a central player of Animal Jam. Different statuses of Jammers allow players to access different features and gameplay.


When a player starts playing on Play Wild!, they have the choice to play as a Guest Jammer or to log in with their Animal Jam/ Play Wild username.

Jammer 0.PNG

Guest Jammer

Guest Jammers are players that do not have an account and are playing as a guest, hence the name. They are limited in such ways that they can only chat using bubble chat, they cannot trade, and cannot buddy people. Additionally, people cannot visit their den. Guest Jammers can have the AJ tag on their nametag if they have membership on AJ. They also have gray nametags. Popup messages appear when a Guest Jammer tries to do a restricted action.

Interaction with other Jammers

Popup messages appear when a Jammer interacts with a Guest Jammer through their player card.


Guest Jammers start their game with a few clothing and den items. They also start off with 1,000 gems.

New Jammer

New Jammers are players with an account that needs to be activated by their parents via email. They are Guest Jammers who have registered a username, a password, and a contact email. It takes up to 7 days to change the name tag from New Jammer to their new username.

New Jammers can have the AJ tag on their nametag if they have a membership on Animal Jam.

Activation Reminder

Every New Jammer needs its account to be activated by email within 120 days or the account will be automatically deleted.


Jammers are players with an account. They are New Jammers with an activated account or players who have logged in with their account, and they may play Animal Jam to its full extent apart from membership bonuses. The Star Tag differentiates your animal from other animals.

Starter for Jammer from Animal Jam

Jammers who have logged in with their account will receive items and gems when they begin playing.


Jammers who have purchased Membership on Animal Jam or Play Wild will gain access to exclusive features in-game, such as more available clothing, more available den items, pet expeditions, Pet Station, weekly member gifts, and 5 daily sapphires.


Buddies are Jammers that have been added to a user's Buddy List. The name tag will appear green rather than the traditional yellow. Jam-A-Grams are another feature you can access when having buddies other than normal Jammers,