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For Leilani's Items, please see Leilani Items.

Leilani is an NPC that will trade Jammers for Specific items. Leilani will request a certain item, and if that item is in your possession you will have the option to trade for the item she is offering on that day. She can be found in Moku'ahi near the top of the central volcano on certain days (every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). When Leilani is traded with a small timer appears (located at bottom of the trade box) that indicates when she is leaving.


Leilani is an Arctic Wolf with a brown overcoat with a yellow undercoat, a light brown flame pattern and dark green eyes. She’s wearing a Spring Flower Mohawk and a Flowering Vine Anklet.


  • "I hear "stonks" are all the rage, so I came up with a way to count them!"
  • "I've heard the Friendship festival is on its way! Don't forget to show your buddies how much you care for them."
  • "You're looking lovely today! Want to see what I have for trade?"
  • "Aloha! Have you taken in all Moku’ahi has to offer?"
  • "I can’t wait for spring! I love the smell of blossoms in the air.
  • "Want to trade today? The summer sun is bright, but we've got the breeze of the palm trees to keep us cool!"