Long Shot is a single-player mini-game, located in Coral Canyons. It's also available as an arcade game item.


In Long Shot, the player plays as an armadillo on a machine handled by another armadillo. The player must wait for the right timing before clicking, which lets the armadillo be flung away. The armadillo may go no distance at all, or go a very far distance. If the armadillo goes a very far distance, it will travel through the desert, and will pass through a series of environmental stages such as earth, fire, snow, and water.


There are various obstacles that can get in the way of the armadillo, such as cactuses/cacti (latin), which will slow the "ball" down until it comes to a halt.


When being flung, the armadillo can do tricks in the air by holding down the screen. The armadillo pops out of it's ball to do a trick in the sky. The trick will be successful if down before touching the ground. If successful, the trick can earn 5 bonus gems. If unsuccessful, the trick will fail, it will slow down the armadillo and the word 'CRASH' will pop up.

Bonus Stage

Before every environmental change there is a bonus stage where there are many Gems to earn and no obstacles to slow the armadillo down. A 'Bonus Stage' will pop up notifying that you have reached the bonus stage.


Long shot


The player earns Gems by playing this game. The amount of Gems earned is determined by how much distance the armadillo travels.


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