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The Lost Temple of Zios is one of the land areas of Jamaa.

A floating Zios head was once in the broken Zios' head place. It had blue eyes and a mouth shaped like an O.


A golden part of Zios' head sticks out from the ground. What seems to be fireflies swarm around it. Around the partial Zios head is rubble where a floating Zios head once stood.


Multiplayers attraction

  • When at least 3 Jammers perform the sleep action around the Statue of Zios, some phantoms appear and fly around the statue. This was changed in 2017 during the Eclipse.
Zios 1

Place attractions


PFalling 2

Falling Phantoms


  • Lost Temple of Zios has changed its name several times
Play Wild Beta Play Wild, 2015 Play Wild, May 2016 Play Wild, June 2017
Zios 1
TempleZ 2
Zios 3


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