Not to be confused with MasterBlock.

Master Blocks is a single-player Minigame that was released on June 3, 2020. Jammers can play to create their own MasterBlocks.


Master Blocks is a minigame where you use blocks to create items. Players can create, stack, and color blocks to build MasterBlocks. MasterBlocks can also be saved, loaded, or made into a den item. If the given player has a Membership, they are allowed to save 20 MasterBlocks, whereas nonmembers can save only 10, and are unable to export them.

Publishing a MasterBlock

Members can make their MasterBlock into a den item, but this requires at least 20 blocks and costs a minimum of 50 Sapphires. The cost will increase relative to the block density. Similar to Masterpieces, MasterBlocks must be approved before they are allowed to be displayed, sold, or traded.


  • This Minigame currently has no Arcade or location; it can only be accessed from the Minigames menu.
  • The area in which you can build a MasterBlock is 31 x 31 x 31 blocks.
  • Every 7 blocks after 350 will add an extra 1 Sapphire to the cost.


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