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Minigames are one of the many ways a Jammer can earn Gems, Sapphires, and items in Play Wild.

Regular Games

The regular minigames require only one Jammer to play, although some of them include other Jammers as well. They can be found all over Jamaa as small, floating game controller icons with a dark blue steam effect around them. These games can also be played through the Games screen, which is opened by tapping the game controller icon on the menu bar along the top.

Challenge Games

Challenge minigames usually make the Jammer do challenges until they are stopped by something or until they reach the end of the minigame. The list of currently available challenge minigames follows below:

Food Games

Food minigames allow the player to "make" food. The food made will then become an animated icon placed on top of the Jammer's animal. These minigames do not reward gems. The list of currently available food minigames follows below:

Prize Games

Prize minigames offer a random chance at a reward when 5 gems are paid:

Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer minigames require more than one Jammer to play. However, these games are sometimes filled with Bots when there are not enough real Jammers that want to play. The list of currently available multiplayer minigames follows below:

Creative Games

These are one player games. In these games, you can create an item and buy it for in-game currency and furthermore sell/trade it. The list of available creative games follows below:

PvP Games

Player versus Player (PvP) minigames[source] are played between two Jammers. These are located on the tab that shows the buddy icon above the game icon, which can be found on the side of a Jammer's profile card as well as on the side of the primary Games window. The list of currently available buddy minigames follows below: