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The Monkey Kingdom is a secret area accessible only by Monkeys through the monkey passage located in the Sarepia Forest. Jammers can also enter the Monkey Kingdom by tapping the monkey icon on the Sarapia Forest map.


  • Right Platform
  • First Floor platform
  • Second Floor platform


Monkey Kingdom


Multi player attraction

  • When a monkey performs the play action, some leaves fall down
  • When 2 monkeys play, more leaves fall down
  • When 3 monkeys play, birds fly all around the place
  • When 4 monkeys play, there are more flying birds and some monkeys cross the place on liana

Single attraction

  • The monkey jump from the top platform to the bottom platform

Multi player attraction

Monkey 1

Single attraction

Monkey Kingdom Shop

Item Price
Banana Rug 750 Gems
Escape The Phantoms Arcade 10 Sapphires
Jungle Gym 950 Gems
Monkey Banner 600 Gems
Monkey Flag 5 Sapphires
Stone Monkey Statue 500 Gems


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