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The Moonlight Manor is a den. It was released in May 2016 at Sapphire Shop and Den Depot for 150 Sapphires.



This den is a three-story home which appears to be carved out of a tree. There are bands of opal stones on the floor. The wallpaper is dark red with pinstripes, decorated with raccoon faces. The floor is wood and the top floor has a small porch attached.


It is night with a large, full moon in the sky. A watermill is built into a cliff. The outdoors is lit with jars of fireflies. There is a hidden feature in the tree branches that allows your avatar to fly in a rocket ship and land in the ground below.



Date Released Place Price Date Removed
May 2016 Sapphire Shop and Den Depot 150 Sapphires July 1, 2018


  • It was originally named Moonrise Manor upon release and was later renamed to Moonlight Manor.