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The Night of the Phantoms is a seasonal Halloween celebration. The event originally debuted in October 2015.


During the Night of the Phantoms, each land area is decorated in a spooky theme where Jamaa Township being the most thoroughly changed as its day sky becomes night. All Jamaa lands other than Moku'ahi turn dark, while dens and animal-only parties remain bright. It seems that since 2019, a new Epic Night of the Phantoms bundle arrives annually; Epic Night of the Phantoms Bundle (2019) and Epic Night of the Phantoms Bundle (2020).

Ghost in Jamaa Township

Jam Mart Clothing


Phantom Vortex

The Phantom Vortex is a room that can be entered through a cracked hole located all around Jamaa with a phantom above it.

Sweets 1.PNG

Inside Phantom Vortex, Jammers can play games to win Gems and items:

Map of Vortex's locations

Phantom Vortex crack to the Super Sweets

Phantom Vortex crack to Light in the Dark

Inside the vortex.

Spooky Party

The Spooky Party takes place in the Haunted Mansion. It has a clothing shop and a furniture shop.

Spooky Party

Furniture Shop

Clothing Shop

Spooky Themed Items

During the Night of the Phantoms, all shops provide Spooky-themed items.




The Night of the Phantoms has returned! Animal Jam - Play Wild!


Night of the Phantoms Teaser Animal Jam - Play Wild!