Origami Lamp

OrigamiTL 1.PNG

The Origami Lamp is a Den Item. It was originally released on August 2016 at Jam Mart Furniture for 700 Gems.

The item is also available as a prize through Touch Pool Minigame since November 2016.


This item is a lamp made out of paper by origami. It has a long piece of painted stick which has a string attached to it. The string then is attached to the Origami Lamp. One piece of paper is darker than the other. This item comes in 6 variants.


Date Released Place Price Date Removed
August 2016 Jam Mart Furniture 700 Gems March 2017
November 2016 Touch Pool Minigame Prize n/a
April 10, 2018 Jam Mart Furniture 700 Gems September 11, 2018


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