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The Outback Imports is a shop located in Kimbara Outback. It was first introduced into the game during November of 2016.



The Outback Imports is a small shop that seems to be made from a tan colored rock or stone. The doorway is accented with a variety of gray and brown bricks and there is a dark, rectangular carving in which an image of a light brown chair is upon it. On the top of this shop, a decent sized waterfall occurs and ends at the bottom stone steps in Kimbara Outback. At first glance, the top of where the waterfall starts, is similar to the Epic Wonders waterfall.


The entrance to Outback Imports appears to be a small, rock carved room. In some ways, it resembles the Den Depot, although the size comparison is mildly different. Along the right side of this room, there is a brown Wall Lantern, different colored pottery, and a few pots of yellow flowers in some areas as well. There is a large light green patched rug when you first walk into the room with small cracks in the rock carved for selves set up for the pottery.



Outback Imports sells a variety of different items


  • The Open Book moved from the right side to the left side since June 2017
  • At an unknown date, the waterfall above the outside of this shop changed its color to periwinkle instead of clear dark blue.