Overflow is a single-player Minigame. The objective of the game is to guide water from the ocean up to the sand castle's moat at the top of the screen.


The player has to spin the tiles in the sand to create an unobstructed path from the floodgate to the moat.

As the levels become progressively more difficult, water can be lead over and under small bridges.

Each tile the water flows over can count anywhere from one to five Gems, depending on the level, so it is beneficial to create longer paths.

No gems are earned if the water does not reach the moat, but the level can be replayed instantly.

OverflowG 1


Overflow 4

Running Water

OverflowG 7

Fun Fact

OverflowG 8

Level Completed


  • Easy Mode
  • Medium Mode
  • Hard Mode
  • Expert Mode
  • Master Mode
  • Master Mode Stage 134
  • Master Mode Stage 245

There are 5 levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Master. The tiles cannot be moved after tapping "Start Water," with the exception of the timed Master mode.




Mode Level Reward
Easy 15 Giant Beach Ball
Medium 20 Beach Umbrella
Hard 25 Overflow Beach Towel
Expert 30 Sun Shaped Glasses
Master 35 Overflow Trophy


  • From the Hard Mode onward, some tiles can be useless to create the longer path.
  • The Master Mode and Prizes were added in September 2016.
  • Tapping a crab in a bucket while the water is running provides extra gems.


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