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Phantoms are the major antagonists of Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic. They terrorize Jamaa and all of its inhabitants.


Normal Phantom

These are slightly small creatures with six or more tentacles.


These are much smaller than regular Phantoms. Instead of regular tentacles, they have one or two small black plump tentacles on the right or left side of their head.

Spiky Phantom

These are smaller than regular Phantoms. Instead of regular tentacles, they have small spiked tentacles on their head.

Phantom Bat

Phantom Bats appear to be a small Phantom with two bat wings. It has two spiked tentacles on its head.

Phantom Bug

Phantom Bugs appear to be a small fly shaped phantom wearing a Disco Ball Hat. It has six long tentacles, a long snout and two wings.

Phantom Watcher

The Phantom Watcher looks similar to a Phantom with no tentacles, except without any movement. They have a purple laser beam shoot from their eyes.

Heavy Phantom

These are small creatures with eight small black plump tentacles on the top and bottom of their head.

Phantom Slug/Queen

This Phantom appears to be a giant slug with an elongated head. It has a large underbite with spiked teeth and a giant eye. It has two tentacle arms, five tentacle back spines and three tentacles on its head.

Giant Phantom

This Phantom appears to be a large blob with no tentacles visible.

Phantom Prince

Phantom Prince are much bigger than regular Phantoms and wears a crown. It has an elongated body with six sharp tentacles on the bottom of their body.

Phantom King

Phantom Kings are much bigger than regular Phantoms. They have violet-purple round spots around the bottom half of the body and a cracked-looking set of spikes on the head, like a crown.


Phantoms terrorize Jamaa and all of its inhabitants to sustain the Phantom Dimension. The Phantom King wants all Phantoms to invade Jamaa, with the ultimate goal of merging Jamaa with the Phantom Dimension, in doing so will destroy Jamaa.

The Phantoms developed the Phantom Portal which allows travel between the Phantom Dimension and Jamaa. With this development, Phantoms have caused Phantom Rifts around Jamaa, stolen Alpha Relics and caused havoc around Jamaa. They are at war with Jammers and Alphas within Jamaa. Phantoms produce deadly electricity that harms Jammers, however, with the help of Paintseeds, Phantoms can be defeated.


Phantom Dimension

On November 4, 2018, Phantom Dimension was introduced and the Phantom King left messages for the Phantoms.

If you manage to enter the world of Jamaa, spread as much negativity and destruction as possible. That energy is what sustains our great dimension!
Do not fear: so long as Jamaa's animals don't know the secret code, they cannot enter the portal and cross into the Phantom Dimension
If a fellow Phantom is plotting to enter Jamaa and become an "adorable" Pet Phantom, report them immediately!
On the day when out Phantom portals open throughout Jamaa, we will invade and make Jamaa one with the Phantom Dimension!
See something? Scream something! Report all signs of weakness, uniqueness, and happiness to a Phantom Officer immediately!
If you encounter one of Jamaa's Alphas, DO NOT ENGAGE! They are fearless, legendary warriors, and they will make quick work of lone Phantoms.
Remember to maintain Phantom portals regularly. They are the fastest way for us to enter Jamaa.
Fellow Phantoms: our conquest for the destruction of Jamaa continues. Remember your mission and we cannot fail.
Should you see an animal of Jamaa alone, spin your tentacles to entrap them in a deep sleep!

Night of the Phantoms

On October 9, 2020, Jammers received a suspicious party invitation from the Phantoms. They planned a Party for Jamaa as a distraction to create Phantom Rifts within Jamaa.


Ur invited to the nite of ur LIVEZ!

On OCTOBER 9TH at 5PM PST, join uz in JAMAA TOWNSHIP for a FESTIVAL u won't 4get!

Dress up in ur best COSTUMEZ n PARTY OUTFITZ! Prepare to have lotz of fun 4 the spooky seazun - there will be SAPPHIREZ N PRIZES!!!



You gotta come to TONIGHT'Z AMAZING PARTY!

We'll be having a BLAST in Jamaa Township at 5PM PACIFIC TIME. Don;t forget 2 dress up in ur BEST PARTY OUTFITZ AND COSTUMEZ!!! Bee there or bee SQUARE.




Phantoms have various roles and can be found throughout Jamaa and the Phantom Dimension.


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