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Pill Bugs is a single-player Minigame that was originally found in Sarepia Forest.


The gameplay involves launching Pill Bugs at Blue Ladybugs. Every level has a number of Blue Ladybugs that you have to hit in order to move onto the next. Occasionally, when you hit a Blue Ladybug, a Gold Bug spawns. Hitting all the Gold Bugs earns you a Gold Bug Badge on the level. Every level gives you a limited level of Pill Bugs you can use. However, every Gold Bug you hit earns you an extra Pill Bug. If you run out of Pill Bugs, you lose the game.

PillB 3


Pill bugs


Level Reward
1-6 Ladybug Ottoman
3-6 Pill Bug Hanging Lamp
5-6 Pill Bug Hat
6-6 Pill Bugs Trophy


  • Prizes were added on September 2016


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