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Plushies are stuffed den items that can be mainly won through The Claw, The Superclaw and Touch Pool. They take the form of many animals and phantoms. The giant variants of most plushies can be bought at the Summer Carnival, with the exception of the Giant Phantom Plushie and Giant Hedgehog Plushie.  

In the Beta Testing, the Bunny Plushie, Monkey Plushie and Wolf Plushie could be purchased at Jam Mart Furniture for 50 Gems.  



  • Before an update introducing colored plushies, the claw machine only had normally colored plushies, and it would not show how many gems you had while you were on the claw. Since then this has been fixed. 
  • On December 1st, 2019, five new plushies were released: The Deer Plushie, Lemur Plushie, Lion Plushie, Sheep Plushie, and Snow Leopard Plushie were released. However, they are only obtainable through The Superclaw