The Rare Fancy Shoes is a clothing item worn on the feet. It was originally released in the Beta Testing at Jam Mart Clothing for 650 Gems.


The Rare Fancy Shoes appear as two dress shoes with two straps near the top, high arches, and thick soles.

This item comes in an unknown amount of variants.


Play Wild Beta

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
March 2015 Jam Mart Clothing 650 Gems May 2015

Play Wild

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
August 2015 Jam Mart Clothing Unknown August 2015

 Rare Item Monday

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
January 23, 2017 Hot Cocoa Hut 2,500 Gems January 24, 2017
April 4, 2018 Pack Runs Prize N/a
January 2, 2019 Giant Phantom Prize Unknown


  • The Fancy Shoes was given a Rare! Tag and renamed Rare Fancy Shoes on June 3, 2020.


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