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Sapphires are a form of currency that was first introduced in March 2015 during Beta Testing, and were removed when the Beta Testing ended. Sapphires later came back in March 2016.


Sapphires appear as small, indigo-colored, square-shaped gems with rounded edges. They appear to be sparkling.


Sapphires can be won randomly from the daily spin, or bought with real money through in-app purchases at the Premium Shop. Sapphires could also have been won from daily Treasure Hunts especially on 'Sapphire' Wednesdays before its removal. They can also be won as prizes from the "Reward" menu by completing tasks in games and by purchasing membership. In Volume 19 of the Play Wild Jamaa Journal, it was announced that Animal Jam members would receive five free Sapphires daily, in addition to the ones earned in Treasure Hunts. As of 2017, members get daily sapphires. Since the December 2017 update, Sapphires can also be obtained through Levels and Achievements. They could also be rewarded through AJ Classic Rewards for a limited time.


Sapphires can be spent at the Sapphire Shop to purchase exclusive Animals, Pets, Dens, Furniture, Music, Clothing, Gems , Masterpieces Item Inventory Increase, and 1 Month Membership.