Scared Jack-O'-Lantern Mask

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Not to be confused with Rare Scared Jack-O'-Lantern Mask.

The Scared Jack-O'-Lantern Mask is a clothing item worn on the head. It was originally released during the Night of the Phantoms on October 21, 2017 at the Traveling Salesman for 1,000 Gems.


The Scared Jack-O'-Lantern Mask is a pumpkin shaped mask, which has a scary face carved into it. The face of the pumpkin emits a faint glow. The item comes in only one variant.


Date Released Place Price Date Removed
October 21, 2017 Traveling Salesman 1,000 Gems October 22, 2017
April 4, 2018 Pack Runs Prize N/a
October 6, 2018 Traveling Salesman 1,000 Gems October 7, 2018
October 15, 2019 Traveling Salesman 1,000 Gems October 16, 2019
October 10, 2020 Traveling Salesman 1,000 Gems October 11, 2020


  • For many players, the mask bought from the salesman appears glitched. Where there is meant to be a little bit of light shining, through the eye holes and mouth, there are cylinders of solid purple emerging.
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