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The Tiger Plushie is a den item. It was originally released through The Claw in June 2015 and through The Superclaw in February 2016.

Before the release of The Superclaw, all the Plushies were available in a single variant through The Claw. They made room to new variants since then.

The Plushie can be won by random chance in The Claw machine or The Superclaw machine, which costs 5 Gems to play.


The Tiger Plushie is a small, stuffed tiger toy that has a visible seam running down the center of the body and head.

This item comes in many varieties.


Date Released Place Price Date Removed
June 2015 The Claw Prize N/a
February 2016 The Superclaw Prize N/a


  • Plushies are the only items where the recycling price is more than the purchase price.
  • A Rare! variant of the plushie with accessories can only be won in The Superclaw machine.