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The Tiger Resort is a secret area accessible only by using a Tiger through the Tiger Passage located in Crystal Sands. Jammers can also enter the Tiger Passage by tapping the Tiger icon on the Crystal Sands map.


It is a sandy beach with a Hut that looks similar to the Juice Hut in the background that serves as the shop. There is a small boat that is beached near three different colored towels in the sand. There a few red Lawn Chairs around the area. There are many palm trees and small plants that grow in warm conditions around the island.


Tiger Calypso


  • When a Tiger performs the play action, a sand cloud appears.
  • If at least 2 Tigers play, a Tiger made of sand appears.


Tiger Resort Shop

Item Price
Giant Ball Of Yarn 1,200 Gems
Pill Bugs Arcade 10 Sapphires
Tiger Banner 600 Gems
Tiger Flag 5 Sapphires
Tiger Paw Chair 800 Gems
Stone Tiger Statue 500 Gems