Tsunamidragon12's Double Dragon Wings


The Tsunamidragons12's Double Dragon Wings is a clothing item worn on the back. It was originally released on May 16, 2021 at Jam Mart Clothing for 10,000 Gems.


The Tsunamidragon12's Double Dragon Wings resemble two sets of ice dragon-like wings with bubbles floating around it. This item comes in 6 variants.


Date Released Place Price Date Removed
May 16, 2021 Jam Mart Clothing 10,000 Gems May 31, 2021


  • This item was designed by Tsunamidragon12, and was chosen as a winner of the April Item Design Contest.
  • 10 “Rare!” variants were given to Tsunamidragon12. These are the same items; the only difference is the "Rare!" tag.
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